Crisis Communications: Spokesperson Training

Maximum Attendance: 6 | 1 day

Expectation Management.

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Description: This is an intensive course designed to help senior leaders who will be the official company spokespeople. It helps improve their skills and allows them to gain a greater understanding of the expectations of a variety of stakeholders. Investors, customers and the public expect to be kept informed of developments following a disaster. The modern news media delivers information with speed and drama but not always with accuracy or balanced analysis. Properly prepared spokespeople can significantly enhance the public perception of an organisation in the aftermath of a crisis, help to protect its reputation and aid its recovery. This course provides the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform effectively in high-pressure media interviews and news conferences. It offers intense exposure to the news media’s role and the importance of preparations, messaging, technique and timing.

Objectives:- Practise the skills and techniques needed in media interviews
- Identify how to communicate effectively following a crisis, and why
- Examine examples of good and bad communication in the aftermath of a disaster

Content:- Your role as a spokesperson
- Audience identification and why you should speak to them
- Recent case studies
- Media strategies and techniques
- Working positively with the media
- Managing media interviews
- Handling the media ambush
- Managing a press conference
- How to work with key stakeholders
- Using video on social media

Suitable For: 
Senior Management and Communications Staff.

Format: Extensive use of case studies, group discussions, exercises, and live camera work to prepare senior management for engaging with the media in the aftermath of a crisis.

Further Information:

To learn more about the Crisis Communications (Spokesperson) Training, please e-mail or contact the Kenyon UK Office at +44 (0) 1344 316 650.