Crisis Communications: Planning and Preparedness

Maximum Attendance: 20 | 1 day

The Knowledge to Develop a Crisis Communications Plan.

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Description:This course gives staff at the main office or at remote locations the knowledge to develop a crisis communications plan and understand their individual roles and responsibilities. Responding to a disaster is a daunting prospect that can test the most skilled and experienced professionals in any industry. Well-prepared communications staff at corporate and local level can play vital roles to protect an organisation’s reputation in the aftermath of a crisis. This course, which includes scenario based exercises, will give staff the skills and confidence they need to help ensure that the company communicates effectively following an emergency. It is a comprehensive session on the importance of the crisis communications plan and putting it into practice.

Objectives:- Understand the need for a crisis communications plan
- Test processes and systems currently in place
- Identify the resources needed in a crisis
- Prepare staff for fulfilling their roles and responsibilities

Content:- Establishing roles and responsibilities
- Setting up the crisis communications centre
- Following best practices
- Addressing initial and inaccurate reports
- Briefing staff in the aftermath of a crisis
- Issuing media statements
- Using social media in a crisis
- Managing media monitoring
- Recording a statement from the CEO
- Arranging a news conference
- Working with key stakeholders

Suitable For: 
Communications, Marketing, Customer Service, and Emergency Response personnel.

Format: Extensive use of scenario-based training, theory, structure and content of a best-in-class crisis communications plan.

Further Information:To learn more about the Crisis Communications (Planning and Preparedness) Training, please e-mail or contact the Kenyon UK Office at +44 (0) 1344 316 650.