Disaster Services

Disaster Relief & Recovery Services

With over 100 years of experience and the ability to respond rapidly no matter the location, scale, or cause of the emergency, our industry-leading Disaster Recovery Services provide swift and professional support when it’s needed the most. Having assisted with the immediate and long-term response to many hundreds of tragic events, our expert team is efficient, reliable, and operates with the utmost care. 

Disaster Human Services

Should the unthinkable happen, you need to be prepared. Many distressed people who need information, or have information to give, will turn to you. With Kenyon’s highly experienced Disaster Human Services team by your side, supporting the families who’ve lost loved ones and managing your immediate and long-term crisis response, will be easier.

Call Centre Services

Even with plans in place and the best intentions, most organisations will need expert support to manage the consequences of a disaster. Dealing with the huge surge of calls, answering media enquiries and navigating distressing conversations with families can quickly become overwhelming. How you handle this process, the efficiency with which information is collected, and the compassion extended to victims’ loved ones will profoundly impact the success of your response and your company’s reputation. 

Crisis Communications Services

In the wake of an incident, your company’s reputation is at risk, staff are distressed, affected loved ones are desperately seeking information, and the organisation is thrust into the centre of a media and social media storm. It is an overwhelming and challenging time.