Train With Us

Without proper training, you cannot expect your employees to be able to respond and perform in a crisis confidently and professionally. This is why we offer several different ways to train with us - all to the high standards you can expect from Kenyon Emergency Services.


In-Company Training

All our courses can be delivered in-company, allowing us to provide flexible and customised training content, tailored to your organisation. Our in-company offering can also be a highly cost-effective way of training multiple employees at the same time, without the need for travel.

Academy Training

This delivery method allows you to book individual spots onto courses where you will not only receive world leading training, but also be able to collaborate with peers and colleagues from multiple companies, offering insights and knowledge sharing from both Kenyon and the wider industry.

Academy courses include:
- Crisis Leadership
- Airline Station Manager
- Emergency Response Plan Writing
- Special Assistance Team Management

All Academy courses are offered either in-person and delivered at both our Bracknell, UK and Houston, US office locations or online via Microsoft Teams.

Virtual Classroom Training

Our courses have been adapted by our expert team for optimum virtual learning, ensuring we deliver the same high standard as in a face-to-face course. We are committed to ensuring our course content and materials continue to provide the opportunity for interactive participation, which is crucial for your learning experience.