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Executive Leadership

Brandon Jones Headshot

Brandon D. Jones

Vice Chairman
Conor Prendergast Headshot

Conor Prendergast

Managing Director
Mazen Bekdash Headshot

Dr. Mazen Bekdash

Vice President, Business Development
Ultan Kenny

Ultan Kenny

Senior Director, Operations
Sean Gates Headshot

Sean Gates

Vice President, Legal Advisory Services

Commercial Services

Irma Alcazar Customer Care

Irma Alcazar

Customer Care Representative, Central and South America
Rola Arnaout 2nd Headshot

Rola Arnaout

Regional Office and Client Relation Manager, Lebanon
Sam Bunney 2nd Headshot

Sam Bunney

Commercial Services Manager, UK
Victoria Hardwidge 2nd Headshot

Victoria Hardwidge

Account Manager, UK
Tara Mackay Headshot

Tara Mackay

Customer Care Representative, Asia Pacific
Pauline Rayner Headshot

Pauline Rayner

Commercial Support Specialist, UK


Otibho Edeke-Agbareh 2nd Headshot

Otibho Edeke-Agbareh

Humanitarian Services Manager, UK
Natalie Fairchild Headshot

Natalie Fairchild

Operations Specialist, UK
Keri Griffith

Keri Griffith

Director, Operations, US
Jahaira Guzman 2nd Headshot

Jahaira Guzman

Call Centre Services Manager, DR
Janie Moreno Headshot

Janie Moreno

Director, Call Centre Services, US
Kathy Ricker 2nd Headshot

Kathy Ricker

Team Member Manager, US
Anyely Ventura Headshot

Anyely Ventura

Call Centre Support Specialist, DR
Iwan Witt Headshot

Iwan Witt

Operations Manager, UK

Support Services

Eric Lowell Headshot

Eric Lowell

IT Manager, US
Erin Marshall 2nd Headshot

Erin Marshall

Office Manager, US
Deborah Moody Headshot

Deborah Moody

Director, Finance, US
Clare Pascucci 2nd Headshot

Clare Pascucci

Office Manager, UK
Destiny Torres Headshot

Destiny Torres

Marketing and Communications Manager, US
Nikki Williams Headshot

Nikki Williams

Finance Specialist, UK