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About Kenyon

Kenyon stands as the leading full-spectrum provider of disaster response services, covering planning, incident management and recovery. Our staff and services are the most experienced of their kind. This is why over 600 businesses and governments from all over the world choose Kenyon as their disaster management partner.

At the broadest of terms, the Consultancy, Training and Operational Responses Services we offer are focussed on helping a client plan, train, exercise and, if necessary, respond to an incident:

Planning: Kenyon’s expert emergency planners write or audit your Emergency Response Plans, helping you identify and correct any gaps in your planning and training.

Training: Kenyon’s staff associates come to you to train your Emergency Response Teams and spokespeople.

Exercising: Kenyon can facilitate a range of exercises from half-day table-tops to multi-day input response exercises, testing every aspect of your Emergency Response Plans.

Responding: Kenyon provides extensive call centre, crisis communications, family assistance services as well as those relating to the recovery of people and their belongings.

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