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Disaster Recovery Services

With over 100 years of experience and the ability to respond rapidly no matter the location, scale, or cause of the emergency, our industry-leading Disaster Recovery Services provide swift and professional support when it’s needed the most. Having assisted with the immediate and long-term response to many hundreds of tragic events, our expert team is efficient, reliable, and operates with the utmost care.

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Disaster Recovery Services at a Glance

Management and First Response:

  • Activate the Crisis Management Centre at Kenyon's Office and and establish an Incident Management Centre and Joint Operations Centres at the scene.


  • Search, recover, and secure human remains and personal effects.
  • Deliver disaster victim identification services to INTERPOL standard.
  • Provision of temporary mortuaries and body storage facilities. 


  • Preparation of legal documentation required by country.
  • Delivered against family wishes and with family assistance support.
  • Full logistics support.

Personal Effects:

  • Processing of personal effects, including decontaminating, photographing and cataloguing.
  • Liaising with families to establish wishes.
  • Preparation and secure delivery of personal effects.

Memorial Arrangements:

  • Plan and coordinate memorials at significant intervals.
  • Coordinate the arrangements for the burial of unidentified human remains. 

First Response and Leadership

Having a highly experienced First Response Team means that, should the unthinkable happen, our clients benefit from the rapid deployment and immediate assistance, expertise, and advice of top disaster specialists. Our First Response Logistics Team at the Kenyon Crisis Management Centre (CMC) will determine the resources and skills required to meet the exact needs of any incident, whether that be search and recovery teams, victim identification, mortuary and repatriation specialists, or the management of data and logistics. First Responders will be deployed immediately, along with support, supplies, and equipment from our thousands-strong global team and our fully-stocked global warehouses.

Though we hope our services will not be required, engaging Kenyon Emergency Services as your crisis management partner on a pre-incident basis, ensures you are prepared should the unthinkable ever become a reality. 

If required, we can also mobilise our International Call Centre, Media Centre, and Family Assistance Centre, and send a crisis communications expert to your HQ. With many specialised skills within our resource pool, we can also assist with accident investigations, providing you with highly skilled investigative professionals and advising on what to expect. 

With extensive experience in all types and scales of disaster response, our service provides the peace of mind that, should you need it, you are prepared and fully supported. 

Mass Fatality Management & Response

Disaster Victim Identification and Mortuary Services

Large-scale disasters often result in multiple or mass fatalities, something we have very recent experience assisting with. The response to such tragic events needs to be expertly managed, ensuring that those who’ve lost their lives, and their grieving loved ones, are treated with unwavering dignity and respect. 

Working independently or supporting local authorities, Kenyon International deploys specialist teams and forensic experts to identify victims so that anxious families and next-of-kin can be informed as soon as possible. In addition to mobilising disaster-scale mortuaries, organising dignified temporary burials, carrying out grave exhumations, and arranging for the repatriation of disaster victims.

Repatriation Services

As a worldwide expert with a wealth of experience managing efficient and respectful repatriations, we understand that bringing a loved one home to their family, and final resting place, is one of the most important stages of disaster recovery. Whether it be a single loss or a mass fatality incident, our expert team can provide a seamless, sympathetic, and internationally compliant body and belongings repatriation service. 

Repatriation is a challenging process with complex requirements. In order to offer those affected by the crisis a professional service, it demands a repatriation partner with expert knowledge of national and international laws, customs, regulations, logistics, and the necessary documentation and certificates. Kenyon International can offer all of this and more. From supporting and updating the family on your behalf and ensuring their wishes are met, to providing forensic confirmation and organising transportation and receiving funeral homes, our highly trained team guarantees a dignified and compassionate global repatriation service of the highest standard. 

Personal Effects Recovery and Return

When families suffer a great loss, professionally recovering and returning their loved one’s personal effects is of paramount importance. Not only does it bring some much-needed comfort during a deeply distressing time, but it also provides them with sentimental keepsakes to treasure moving forward. All items, no matter how small, damaged, or seemingly insignificant, must be recovered and treated with the utmost respect before being returned in line with the family’s wishes and whilst abiding by international regulations. 

As a leader in this field, with over 100 years of proven experience, Kenyon’s technical disaster recovery team begins by conducting a detailed search of the incident area and gaining custody of personal property from government agencies. Recovered items are then protected and securely stored, ownership is identified, and belongings are inventoried, catalogued, and returned. Throughout this process, our expert team will maintain constant communication with the families on your behalf, offering reassurance, answering questions, and ensuring they are kept fully informed.

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