Crisis Communications: Internal Communications

Maximum Attendance: 20 | 1 day

Best Practices when Communicating with Internal Audiences.

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Description: This workshop will prepare HR and internal communications staff for fulfilling their roles and responsibilities following an emergency. It covers the considerations, tasks and best practices when communicating with an organisation’s internal audiences in the aftermath of a crisis. A failure to communicate with colleagues effectively in a crisis can be immensely detrimental to an organisation’s response and affect how it is perceived by external stakeholders. Regular and appropriate updates serve to unite an organisation in a crisis, and help to ensure accurate and consistent communications. This workshop will give staff the knowledge they would need in a crisis and will also test their skills with a scenario-based exercise.

Objectives:- Understand the role of internal communications in a crisis
- Prepare staff for fulfilling their roles and responsibilities
- Review the processes and systems currently in place

Content:- Understanding the operational response to a crisis
- Establishing roles and responsibilities
- Following best practice
- Supporting staff in the aftermath of a crisis
- Writing internal communications updates
- Setting up and managing briefing meetings
- Considering the most efficient communications channels

Suitable For: 
HR and Communications Personnel.

Format: Extensive use of theory, examples of best practices and scenario-based exercises.

Further Information:To learn more about the Crisis Communications (Internal Communications) Training, please e-mail or contact the Kenyon UK Office at +44 (0) 1344 316 650.