Emergency Response Plan Writing

Duration | 1 day

From Stakeholders to Checklists.

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16 Oct - 16 Oct 2024

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05 Nov - 05 Nov 2024

Virtual Classroom (UK)

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Description: The Emergency Response Plan is the tangible evidence of the planning process, which should include close coordination, interaction and buy-in from emergency response stakeholders. A "good" plan reflects the thorough research of the planners, communication at all levels, support from executives, and trust by those who must follow its guidance. The planning process begins by assessing the current capability of your company to respond to an emergency.

This course will consider the entire planning process including development and writing of the plan. The attendees will evaluate examples of different plans and determine the essential elements that all plans must contain; ultimately, the aim for the course is to provide attendees with the knowledge, techniques and the material to evaluate and amend existing plans, and to create new plans.

Objectives:- Understand the history and context of emergency response planning
- Identify steps in the emergency planning process, including a capability assessment
- Analyse existing industry emergency response planning requirements, from IATA, the NTSB and others
- Examine the critical components of an emergency response plan to help ensure an effective and efficient response effort

Content:- Assess current capability and determine priorities for the planning process
- Capability Assessment Report - preparation and presentation to senior management
- The planning programme - resources required, time management and budget
- Essential ingredients of a “good plan”
- User-friendly plan design and layouts for maximum effectiveness
- Plan quality control systems
- Exercise the plan and develop an After-Action Report
- Plan accessibility, distribution and security
- Format and delivery options

Suitable For:
Emergency Response Managers and supporting staff responsible for authoring a company Emergency Response Plan.

Format: Extensive use of planning materials as well as large and small group discussions.

Max Attendance:

In-company – 25

Academy – 16

Further Information:

To learn more about the Emergency Response Plan Writing  Training and how it can complement your existing Emergency Plan, please e-mail kenyon@kenyoninternational.com or contact the Kenyon UK Office at +44 (0) 1344 316 650.