Crisis Leadership

Duration | 1 day

The formula for company resiliency.

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This course encourages participants to exercise leadership by being a role model, empowering personnel, building effective teams, promoting ethical behaviour, encouraging the exchange of information and making sound decisions to achieve incident response objectives. The successful management of emergencies relies heavily on the ability of senior executives to respond appropriately, communicate effectively and care for those directly and indirectly involved. Effective leadership is the key to showing the watching world that the company has recognised how serious the event is and how the company is responding at the highest level.

- Identify the key differences between leading in normal operations and leading in a crisis
- Discuss the key roles and responsibilities of the crisis leadership team to optimise the crisis response effort and its oversight
- Prepare leaders for emergency situations so that leaders as well as their staff can make informed decisions under stressful and time-sensitive conditions
- Recognise the key elements of delegation and problem solving to support a rapid and effective response
- Explain the important aspects of staff briefings and communications to enhance the timing, accuracy, and transparency of the internal and external crisis communication message
- Understand the importance of, and discuss strategies to manage self-care during a crisis

- Crisis Response
- Humanitarian Assistance
- Complexity of leadership in a crisis
- Effective decision making
- Crisis delegation and problem solving
- Roles to be delegated
- Time management
- Briefing best practices
- Situation assessment
- Response priorities
- Group dynamics and thinking
- Team development and motivation
- Managing personnel challenges
- Strategies for self-care

Suitable For:

Senior to Mid-level Managers likely to be in a company crisis leadership role.

Format:Extensive use of case studies, group discussions and exercises.

Max Attendance: 16

Further Information:

To learn more about the Crisis Leadership Training and how it can complement your existing Emergency Plan, please e-mail or contact the Kenyon UK Office at +44 (0) 1344 316 650.