Humanitarian/Special Assistance Team Management

Duration | 1 day

Leading Skilled Teams to Ensure Families Come First.

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Description: The Humanitarian Assistance Team (HAT), also known as Special Assistance Team (SAT), Manager must ensure that the needs of the families are met at a variety of different locations, including hospitals, airports, mortuaries and the Family Assistance Centre. It is a demanding role that requires managerial skills and a broad understanding of disaster management and working with families in crisis. Management of HATs/SATs requires both a strategic overview of the response operation and the ability to communicate effectively. This course will enhance the skills of an HAT/SAT member to a managerial level and instil the confidence to manage HATs/SATs during a deployment.

Objectives:- Identify key strategies for being an effective HAT/SAT Manager
- Understand delegation, conflict resolution, task management, and compassion\
- How to meet the needs of survivors and victims’ family members
- Examine the administrative requirements of managing a team

Content:- Overview of centralised family assistance support centres
- HAT/SAT management:
• Delegation and supervision
• Team and family briefings
• Task allocation
• Data management
• Team dynamics and self-care
- Advance skills when helping families in crisis
- Assessing families welfare
- Understanding the grieving process
- Conflict resolution
- Compassion fatigue
- The needs of family members at different incident response locations
- Conducting family interviews

Suitable For: Front-line managers tasked with providing care and support to survivors, family members and friends following the loss of, or injury to a loved one.

Format: Extensive use of case studies, large and small group discussions as well as exercises/practical role-play.

Max Attendance:

In-company – 25

Academy – 16

Further Information:

To learn more about the Humanitarian/Special Assistance Team Management training and how it can complement your existing Emergency Plan, please e-mail or contact the Kenyon UK Office at +44 (0) 1344 316 650.