Humanitarian/Family Assistance Centre Management

Maximum Attendance: 25 | 1 day

Operate a Complex Family Support Environment.

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Description: For this course, we use the common terms of “Humanitarian Assistance Centre (HAC)” and “Family Assistance Centre (FAC)” interchangeably to describe a centralised facility or facilities used to provide information and support to families following an emergency.

This course is designed for personnel with the responsibility to set up, operate and close down an HAC. Although the primary function of an HAC is to provide direct support to the families, this cannot be effectively delivered unless the three key components of logistics, organisation and administration are in place and functioning continuously.

Through multiple practical sessions and considering actual Kenyon experiences, attendees will be able to understand the inter-related operational components of an HAC.

Objectives:- Learn and understand key steps in setting up, operating, and closing down a HAC
- Consider best practices for HAC design, operating procedures, data management, and delivery of essentials services
- Identify key strategies for financial management and contracting key resources
- Discuss the transition from interim centres to the HAC and to long-term recovery agencies

Content:- Location, design and contracting
- The role of the HAC
- Resources - personnel and equipment
- HAC operating procedures and working routines
- Administration and finance
- Selection and training of HAC personnel
- Transfer of responsibility from interim centres to the HAC
- Information management and liaison with call centres
- Command and control: the role of the management team
- Close-down of the HAC and transfer of responsibility for long-term recovery

Suitable For: Those fulfilling, wishing to or contemplating becoming a Humanitarian Assistance Team Manager or Special Assistance Team Manager role.

Format: Extensive use of case studies, large and small group discussions as well as exercises/practical role-play.

Further Information:

To learn more about the Humanitarian/Family Assistance Centre Management Training and how it can complement your existing Emergency Plan, please e-mail or contact the Kenyon UK Office at +44 (0) 1344 316 650.