Humanitarian Special Assistance Team Member

Maximum Attendance: 25 | 2 days

Support to Families at Their Time of Greatest Need.

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Description:For this course, we use the common terms of "Humanitarian Assistance Team Member (HATM)" and Special Assistance Team Member (SATM)" interchangeably to describe personnel who are assigned and trained to work directly with families to provide support following an emergency.

This course identifies the needs of families in the immediate aftermath of an emergency where loved ones have been affected. It prepares attendees to provide direct support either in centralised facilities or at home locations. The support will take many forms including the provision of accurate and timely information on investigation processes, psycho-social care, practical assistance for communications and/or travel or finance.

The course will also consider the special role of the Team Member in gathering essential information from the families that can be used to establish the status of a missing person. Attendees are welcome from private or public organisations that have the moral or legal responsibility to provide care.

Objectives:- Understand the roles and functions of an HATM/SATM member
- Develop skills for managing a range of different emotions and challenges
- Discuss and consider the cultural and religious aspects of a humanitarian response
- Understand the layout and essential services provided by centralised family support centres
- Understand the routine of being a Associate Responder, your work commitments and the essential aspects of administration and reporting

Content:- Importance/types of humanitarian assistance
- The role of the Team Member
- Skills required to be a Team Member
- Layout and purpose of a centralised family support centre
- Locations where a Team Member may be assigned
- Family reactions in crisis and the impact of sudden trauma
- Needs of diverse family structures and cultures
- Self-care and personal administration

Suitable For: Those fulfilling, wishing to or contemplating becoming a Humanitarian Assistance Team Member or Special Assistance Team Member role.

Format: Extensive use of case studies, large and small group discussions as well as exercises/practical role-play.

Further Information:
To learn more about the Humanitarian/Special Assistance Team Member Training and how it can complement your existing Emergency Plan, please e-mail or contact the Kenyon UK Office at +44 (0) 1344 316 650.