Crisis Management Centre Operations

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Strategies for Effective Leadership and Rapid Decision Making.

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Description:Emergency situations require an efficient coordinated response to provide appropriate resources and to manage all aspects of the emergency to the satisfaction of those directly affected and internal and external stakeholders. The CMC, located at HQ, works in conjunction with the Incident Management Centre (IMC), located in the field, to manage the activation, deploy teams, prioritise resources and coordinate communications. Staff assigned to the CMC will process copious amounts of intelligence and data and overcome a myriad of challenges. The CMC, with input from the IMC, will determine response objectives, assess options, recommend actions, and allocate duties.

Objectives:- Discuss the interface between the CMC and other response centres
- Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Crisis Management Centre team
- Examine how to make decisions in high-stress and dynamic situations
- Understand how to organise staff, manage information, and mitigate against staff stress

Content:- Alerting and activation
- Functions, roles and responsibilities
- CMC set-up and resources
- CMC procedures and routines
- Stress management
- CMC close-down and long-term recovery
- Information management

Suitable For:
Those with the potential to fill a Crisis Management Centre (CMC) role during this immediate, difficult and high-pressure response period.

Format: Extensive use of case studies, large and small group discussions and exercises/ practical role-play.

Further Information:

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