Energy and Natural Resources

Due to their global operations, dispersed workforce, and vulnerability to complex crises like natural disasters, workplace accidents, government disputes, and terror attacks, all energy and natural resources companies require comprehensive crisis management strategies and an expert emergency response partner.

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How we can help

Kenyon has vast experience providing crisis management for energy and natural resource clients, including global oil, gas, and mining companies. Kenyon offers assistance in pre-incident planning and preparedness, as well as in the aftermath of tragic events. This includes rapidly deploying specialist teams to assist with the search, recovery, and identification of victims, providing executive-level crisis communications counsel to help you navigate the media storm, and expertly and empathetically supporting victims and affected families.

Our global reach, crisis expertise, and industry-specific knowledge make us a vital ally for delivering a rapid, professional, and compassionate response - ensuring the needs of those affected are met, safeguarding your company’s reputation, and aiding your long-term recovery. 

Services that energy and natural resource organisations can benefit from include:

  • An immediately activated multilingual toll-free call centre and information line.
  • Mobilisation and operation of a Family Assistance Centre.
  • Rapid deployment of the Kenyon First Response Team and Incident Manager.
  • Victim search, recovery, identification, or other incident-specific needs.
  • Dignified and compassionate repatriation of victims and their personal belongings, in line with the wishes of affected families.
  • Executive-level crisis communications support, support to investigations, and industry-specific regulatory advice.
  • Support and strategic guidance from Kenyon’s full-time crisis team, as well as additional assistance and supplies from our thousands-strong global network of specialists and our fully stocked warehouses.
  • Pre-crisis planning and training involves evaluating and improving emergency response plans, conducting disaster drills, readying response teams for immediate action, and providing comprehensive spokesperson training, including practical live-camera exercises.