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Aviation and Airports: Disaster Relief

Aviation disasters can be catastrophic, demanding an emergency response plan and a rapid response effort of the highest standard. As an expert in crisis management for airports and airlines, Kenyon has a wealth of experience supporting aviation clients on a pre-incident basis, and in the aftermath of tragic events, when the unthinkable has become a reality.

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How we can help

Whether caused by human error, a technical malfunction, or an act of terrorism, organisations must recognise and prepare for the potential of a disaster. From being faced with multiple or mass fatalities, distressed staff, and concerned families, to the inevitable intense media scrutiny and complex legal and regulatory requirements, aviation emergencies are extremely challenging events to navigate.

Kenyon can provide clients with the support, strategic guidance, and crisis expertise needed to deliver an efficient, professional, and compassionate response, that not only aids long-term recovery but helps to protect and rebuild the company’s reputation.

Services the aviation and airport industries can benefit from include:

  • Rapid activation of a multilingual toll-free call centre and information line.
  • Quick establishment and operation of a Family Assistance Centre.
  • Rapid deployment of the Kenyon First Response Team and Incident Manager.
  • Specialist teams to assist with expedited victim search, recovery, identification, or other incident-specific needs.
  • Respectful repatriation of victims and their personal property in accordance with the wishes of affected families.
  • Executive-level crisis communications support, support to investigations, and aviation regulations assistance.
  • Support and strategic guidance from Kenyon’s full-time crisis team, as well as additional assistance and supplies from our thousands-strong global network of specialists and our fully stocked warehouses. 
  • Preparedness training includes evaluating and enhancing emergency plans, conducting disaster drills, preparing response teams for immediate action, and providing comprehensive spokesperson coaching with live-camera exercises.