Emergency Response Planning (ERP)

A comprehensive emergency plan is essential to delivering a response effort of the highest standard and protecting your brand, reputation, and value in times of crisis.

At Kenyon, we believe in a proactive approach to crisis preparedness and partner with public and private sector organisations, across all industries, on a pre-incident basis to create, review, refine, and practice Emergency Response Plans (ERPs). Working with Kenyon will not only ensure your senior leadership and response teams are trained and prepared, but that your plans are deliverable and specific to your organisation, structure, and resources.

Kenyon can support you at any stage of your preparedness journey, whether that be writing new robust plans and implementing them organisation-wide, reviewing and updating existing plans to highlight vulnerabilities and enhance their effectiveness, or running table-top and simulation exercises to ensure that your plans are not just suitable on paper but functional in practice. Our expertise also encompasses various other critical planning activities, including Crisis Communications and industry-specific Business Continuity Planning.

As a global leader in emergency preparedness and response, Kenyon’s expertise will help facilitate a rapid, coordinated, compassionate, and effective response when it matters most.

Emergency Response Plan Writing Course

The Emergency Response Plan is the tangible evidence of the planning process, and begins by assessing the current capability of your company to respond to an emergency.

Our Emergency Response Plan Writing course will consider the entire planning process, including development and writing of the plan. The aim for our course is to provide attendees with the knowledge, techniques and the material to evaluate and amend existing plans, and to create new plans.