Kenyon Emergency Services Introduces Strategic Hurricane Preparedness Sessions for Community Managers & Residents

Friday, June 2, 2023

Emergency planning and incident response company Kenyon Emergency Services has announced the launch of a new service, offering extensive hurricane preparedness sessions. With the 2023 hurricane season underway, these planning sessions aim to deliver information and help managing groups, building owners, and community managers establish proper protocols to prepare for potential natural disasters. 

“The impact of this program is three-fold. Proper hurricane preparedness keeps residents safe and communities protected, reduces post-storm repair costs, and provides a sense of security in what can be an incredibly chaotic scenario,” said Matt Walton, Kenyon’s Vice President of the Americas. “Anyone who has faced a natural disaster knows that peace of mind is priceless and we’re proud to be supporting this through our new preparedness sessions.”

For over 117 years Kenyon, acquired by Air Partner, a Wheels Up Company and the leading global aviation services group in 2021, has effectively responded to man-made and natural disasters globally – including the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquakes. Now they’re sharing their valuable knowledge and insights with vulnerable communities beginning on the Gulf Coast. These efforts will help to significantly mitigate and minimize risk both to property and personal safety. During hurricane season, it is vital that emergency services companies offer time critical effective solutions for corporate and residential clients to better prepare for emergencies. While storms can be predicted, their intensity and path can always change at the last minute, so it is imperative to have a plan to take care of those in the pathways of these storms.

Kenyon's hurricane preparedness initiative allows the company to offer proper training and in-depth planning with pre-storm and post-storm services, including developing a customized Emergency Response Plan that outlines the roles, responsibilities, and actions of a dedicated response team when a hurricane hits, in addition to providing hurricane preparedness sessions to residents covering evacuation procedures, demonstrations of supplies and equipment, communication plans, and preparing apartments.

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