Kenyon Emergency Services Elevates Crisis Training with New Academy Programme

Monday, February 19, 2024

Kenyon Emergency Services, the leading full-spectrum provider of disaster response services, part of the global aviation services group, Air Partner, today unveiled its new training academy initiative for 2024.


The new Kenyon Academy programme will deliver industry-leading crisis training to delegates from different companies around the world, empowering participants to professionally and effectively respond and operate in an emergency or crisis situation.


Kenyon has over 117 years’ experience of successfully navigating and managing complex international crises, including conducting search and rescue operations, and setting up and staffing the Family Assistance Centre in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It also provided support to those affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower, deploying search and recovery teams to recover valued personal property for the residents and reunite the items with their owners. This century’s worth of extensive experience makes Kenyon International Emergency Services uniquely positioned to deliver this specialised training.


The Kenyon Academy is initially launching with four training courses: Crisis Leadership, Airline Station Manager, Emergency Response Plan Writing, and Special Assistance Team Management. Once underway, the Kenyon Academy offering will expand to include more from Kenyon’s full training offering of over 20 courses that cover a wide range of crisis management themes, including Humanitarian/Family Assistance, Crisis Communications and Aviation Crisis Management.


The Kenyon Academy courses are available either virtually or in-person at Kenyon’s locations in Bracknell, UK or Houston, USA (dependent on course type). The Kenyon Academy will be led by Kenyon’s international team of highly skilled associates, all of whom are expert professionals and masters in the field of emergency response.


Jonathan Astill, Air Partner Services Division Executive Vice President and Managing Director, commented: “Kenyon International Emergency Services is committed to delivering comprehensive, industry-leading training for emergency response and crisis management. With the launch of the 2024 Kenyon Academy programme, we’re excited to make our training more accessible and enable more companies equip themselves with the crucial skills and competencies required to confidently handle any situation.”


The new programme marks the first time Kenyon will offer training on a ‘per seat basis’, allowing individuals to enrol in Kenyon's training programmes independently. The new Academy programme is offered in addition to the in-house training that Kenyon already provides. This will enable professionals from various companies to come together in the Bracknell, Houston, and Virtual Academies and foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.


The launch comes as Kenyon unveiled its new website, Kenyon Emergency Services making it even easier for customers to access the company’s leading consultancy services and training programmes.


For more information or to book a training course, please contact