Hurricane season is nearly upon us, are you prepared?

Monday, April 24, 2023

Atlantic hurricane season runs from the start of June through to the end of November each year. Hurricanes are storms with winds of 74 mph or greater, and on average hurricane season has 14 named storms, including 7 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes of winds reaching 111+ mph*.

Winds of such speeds can have devastating effects, including:

  • High winds
  • Flying debris
  • Flooding
  • Storm surges
  • Emergency response

It is essential that everyone living in hurricane territory prepares ahead of hurricane season starting by having an evacuation plan in place, including knowing your evacuation routes and packing an emergency bag. There are also steps you can take to protect your home from potential hurricane damage and to help you and others stay calm and manage anxiety. Even after the hurricane has passed, it important to know when it’s safe to return home.

We cover all this and more in our hurricane preparedness sessions we’re running across the Gulf Coast.

At Kenyon, we have been responding to disasters globally for over 117 years, including hurricanes. We’re sharing the valuable knowledge and insights we’ve gained to help people living within hurricane effected areas prepare in order to avoid being adversely affected.

For Property Managers of apartment buildings within hurricane effected areas, it’s highly recommended to have an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in place. We can work closely with you to develop a bespoke ERP that outlines the roles, responsibilities, and actions of your response team when a hurricane hits.

Working with partners, we can also provide hurricane preparedness sessions to your residents covering evacuation procedures, demonstrations of supplies and equipment, communication plans, and preparing apartments.

The benefits of being prepared for a hurricane include:

  • Safety measures to keep you, your residents and their families protected
  • Reduced to no costs in post-hurricane repairs
  • Sense of security and comfort, helping mitigate a rise in anxiety levels

Speak to our team of experts today at or +1 281 872 6074 to arrange a dedicated hurricane preparedness session with you and your residents.