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Why Choose Kenyon?


With over 110 years of experience responding to close-on 350 incidents, we have proven capabilities in helping manage the aftermath of plane crashes, natural disasters, terrorism incidents, building fires and rail disasters; this has given Kenyon a vast experiential resource.

Hands-On Experience:

Our globally-based Associates and Team Members number over 2,000 experienced professionals and masters in their fields; their combined skills and expertise add up to over 5,000 unique functions that can be utilised to accomplish accident response, large and small. Our senior staff have comprehensive experience in anticipating the pitfalls between the various agencies in an incident response, knowing how to either avoid or deal with these, ensuring the right end outcome for you, as our Client, and for those affected.

Not only are Team Members masters in their fields but they are trained specifically by Kenyon through our own Online Learning Centre, face-to-face training and webinars.

Family Support:

Looking after those affected by an event is the ultimate focus (understanding what is right for the deceased); success in our eye is judged by whether the affected families and friends are content with the response given and the care received by you and Kenyon.

Single Point of Contact:

We focus only on retained Clients so we deliver the very best service to those that are serious about the services they need. Given you have retained Kenyon, you have one point of contact who will ensure that the same consistent high standards are met; we accommodate the cultural requirements specific to each country.


We continuously seek to improve how you are supported by developing innovative, industry-leading tools, mechanisms and processes; in recent times, this has included: adapting Client training to reflect real-accident lessons to ensure you think beyond the simple checklist driven responses; developing a Client configurable Family Website service to ensure you can offer those affected by an incident a secure, discrete, timely and flexible way of receiving information; and developing a Web Form to seamlessly allow family members enquiring about a loved one potentially involved in an incident to do so online rather than through just telephone.


There are not often new lessons to learn, just new people to teach. Part of Kenyon's responsibility to you as a Client is to share lessons learned, including key messages that help your emergency response managers, crisis communications staff and human resource managers get support for their programmes and that help people such as your Senior Leadership Team understand the impact a real crisis will have on the Airline and themselves.

Support Senior Leadership Teams:

Our Associates are used to working with leadership to ensure your Company's reputation and trust is maintained following an accident.


Training for your teams and those that make up your safety net will be vital. It should be focused on what to expect and what really happens and based on recent first-hand experience. Training should not just be based on what is written in a plan to happen and should consistently be reviewed and validated. Kenyon does all of these.


You will have access to $3 million worth of equipment that can be transported easily by air, land and sea to support an accident wherever it might happen. This includes the equipment necessary to comply with various family assistance laws as well as support for the collection and management of data pertaining to those affected by an incident, such as families and friends.