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Equality and Diversity

Kenyon recognises that a diverse and talented workforce is a key competitive advantage. As a global company, our business success reflects the quality and skill of our people. We believe that the wide array of perspectives that results from a varied and inclusive environment promotes innovation and business success and is reflected in the services we provide, the communities in which we live and work and the lives of our Full-Time Staff, Associates and Team Members.

Each person's skills, talents, experiences and characteristics broaden the range of perspectives in and approaches to Kenyon's work. All employees do so by demonstrating respect for each other and acting with integrity in every aspect of daily work place experiences.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Kenyon believes that a commitment to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility not only makes good business sense but also complements our core business strategy and corporate values. Our Policy is based on the following principles: to minimise the impact and maximise the benefits that our work has on the environment and people around us; to integrate our CSR considerations into all our business decisions; and to comply with, and exceed where practicable, all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice.


We can play an important role in our local communities and we aim to make the communities in which we operate better places. We encourage and empower our employees to get involved with their local communities and use their skills to help create a mutual benefit.


We strive to ensure all staff enjoy their work and have opportunities to consistently deliver the very best disaster response services for our Clients. As such, we will continue to develop the first whole-Company Personal Development Plan (issued in 2019).

Environmental Management:

We must be ever mindful of managing our impact on the environment and do so in an ethical manner. We know that our work has an impact on the environment and that we have a duty to manage that impact in a responsible and ethical manner.

Trading and Business Practices:

We look to build and maintain the highest standards amongst our Suppliers and Clients. We oppose the exploitation of workers, we will not tolerate forced labour and we will not accept human trafficking or the exploitation of children and young people.


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