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Our History

Kenyon began in 1906, when the London and South Western Railway boat train jumped its tracks and crashed in Salisbury, England. Brothers Herbert and Harold Kenyon of JH Kenyon Limited deployed from London to work with the Coroner and Chief Constable to prepare and repatriate the deceased.

Kenyon gradually acquired the reputation for managing all mortuary operations including identification and return of personal belongings, and was often called upon at short notice to deploy to incidents to provide the same services. To meet this growing demand, Kenyon created “Kenyon Emergency Services.” In 1996, Kenyon Emergency Services was acquired by an American public company, Service Corporation International and renamed “Kenyon International Emergency Services.”

Since then, new offices and services were added to meet the growing demand from governments and public and private business across an array of industries. Available services expanded to include direct support to families: counselling, telephone inquiry centres and crisis communications.

In 2022, Kenyon International Emergency Services was acquired by Wheels Up, complementing their existing private charter business with new capabilities in incident management and post incident response. 

Kenyon International Emergency Services is a world leading emergency planning and incident response company.