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Our Core Values

At the heart of Kenyon is a genuine desire to ease the suffering of those affected by disaster. It is this purpose that draws people from all over the world to be part of the Kenyon team. In fostering curious, resilient and respectful staff who enjoy life and achieve the best that they can, our Core Values are:


We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity at all times. We will avoid conflicts of interests and even the appearance of such conflicts. It is imperative that we recruit and hire people with high moral and professional character.


We must always treat the deceased with dignity and respect. When in the presence of the deceased, we must conduct ourselves as though the family were present. The body is dear to the family; therefore, we must treat it reverently. We will treat each of our Clients and co-workers with courtesy and respect at all times.

Service Excellence:

We provide the highest quality of service. This means that our Clients’ interests must always come first. Providing the best customer service means ensuring that our Clients are well informed. It is our responsibility to fully educate our Clients about the options, facts, and circumstances that are relevant to their decisions.

Enduring Relationships:

We will strive to develop positive, long-term relationships with the Clients and the communities we serve. We accomplish this through our involvement and commitment to the community and by adhering to the highest standards of service in all of our Client interactions.