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Kenyon has responded to more than 350 mass fatality disasters worldwide, including notable incidents such as the Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the Haitian Earthquake and multiple international aviation, maritime and railway accidents.

In these difficult situations, often involving many different government agencies, Kenyon is able to provide expert advice using the most current legislation and internationally agreed upon best practices. Governments are generally staffed and prepared for the normal run-rate of incidents, fatalities and/or other crises. However, Kenyon can support them by expanding their surge capacity when a crisis is larger than their current infrastructure can support. Kenyon has worked with numerous government officials both as a liaison for corporate partners and as a trusted partner taking an advisory role.

For local or national governments looking to develop and resource full-scale mass fatality plans, Kenyon offers a complete package of services designed to support health and hospital systems, as well as medical examiner and coroner systems. Packages include planning, training and preparing response teams for immediate action.

Government Sector

In the event of disaster

Kenyon-retained clients need only to call one number to activate their contracted Kenyon services. Services that government organisations can benefit from include:

  • An immediately available multi-language toll-free information line
  • Establishment of a Humanitarian or Family Assistance Centre
  • Recovery and return of personal property
  • Recovery and repatriation of human remains to their families
  • Deployment of an experienced Incident Manager
  • Executive-level crisis communications advice and/or spokespeople
  • Legal advisory services
  • Investigation support services
  • A centralised 24/7 system for employees or others to quickly report life threatening or reputation-damaging events

While most of Kenyon's services require a retainer in advance of an incident, Kenyon created a special at-need model specifically for government entities faced with a large-scale crisis.

The special at-need services available to governments during mass missing person and fatality events such as natural disasters and terror attacks include:

  • Establishment of an international call centre to manage the surge of inquiries following a disaster or attack
  • Search, recovery and return of personal effects
  • Establishment of data coordination centres using Kenyon Response®, our proprietary incident management software, to assist governments in managing the influx of data surrounding an incident


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