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Recover from a Disaster Quickly

When the worst-case scenario happens, the damage cannot be undone. The best you can do is to not make it worse. If the disaster has resulted in fatalities, recovery from the event will be based in part on how efficiently you are able to recover, identify and return the deceased and their recovered property back to their families.

The key to recovery is making sure that affected families and staff are treated with dignity and respect. They need to understand what is happening with their loved ones and the practical matters of what it means for them as they move forward.

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What to Expect

Kenyon experts will help you navigate what to expect and how to best manage the incident while working closely with the local and national authorities. With Kenyon’s Disaster Recovery Service, you can take care of all aspects of the deceased’s remains and their property with expertise, dignity and expediency during a disaster.

With the help of Kenyon’s Disaster Recovery Service, you will be able to ensure that the:

  • Recovery of deceased is done with expert efficiency
  • Identification process is supported using global forensic best practices
  • Repatriation of the deceased to their loved ones is dignified and compassionate
  • Best efforts are made to recover and return their personal property
  • Communication of vital information to affected families occurs via private family website
  • Hosting of memorial services is done properly and respectfully

Kenyon can provide additional Disaster Recovery Services as needed:

  • Mass Burials
  • Mass grave exhumation and identification
  • Aviation Accident Investigations

Won’t the Local Authorities do that?

In many cases, the traditional areas of managing the deceased will be accomplished in part by the Local Authorities. However, their role will typically stop once the human remains are identified. They will not manage or arrange the repatriation of the deceased or their personal effects. In large-scale events, they may become overwhelmed and require surge resources. Because of our involvement in so many incidents, our extensive and experienced team members and the huge stock of ready-to-use and specially configured equipment, Kenyon is often asked to provide those surge resources. This why we are so often involved in various working groups and government conferences on establishing best practices. Additionally, we are often asked to:

  • Explain what you can expect as the recovery process progresses
  • Help you understand your legal responsibilities
  • Explain the processes in progress to the affected families through information briefings as part of our Disaster Human Service, and through specially created private family websites

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