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Family Assistance Centre (FAC)

Kenyon will work with you to decide on an appropriate location for the FAC. Often, this is established and operated at a hotel close to the incident site, which affords lodging, meals, travel coordination, security and areas for group and private information updates. However, if the area surrounding the incident site is unsafe or unreachable, such as in the event of a terrorist attack, or if the majority of those affected are in another country, Kenyon may recommend a different location or multiple locations. In many countries, law mandates the establishment and operation of an FAC. Kenyon can establish, operate and maintain Family Assistance operations of any scale in compliance with international legislation.

Establishing and operating a FAC is a complex logistical and emotional challenge orchestrated with little notice. It is often the hub of all response activities and requires numerous experienced, multi-skilled professionals ready to stop all other work and completely focus on the FAC. This is another core competency of Kenyon.

Family Assistance Centres

Kenyon’s FAC operations are divided into five sections


Supports the overall operation of the FAC, including procurement and supply of briefing equipment, conference call and translation equipment and office supplies. The security team, also managed through the Logistics Section, liaises with local law enforcement, provides safety and prevents unauthorised access to the area and the affected families.


Coordinates the reception and departure of family members from the FAC with the travel section of the Kenyon International Call Centre or your own call centre. Additionally, local transportation to memorials or the incident site is coordinated through Transportation.


Coordinates the assignment of family member accommodation, working areas, staff sleeping areas as well as the operation of catering and food service. Multi-aged childcare services are also managed and coordinated through Housing.

Financial Management:

Coordinates, collects and tracks receipts, contracts and all expenditures of the FAC, often in excess of $1,000,000 USD. The ability to quickly track and account for expenses is a vital business continuity function.


Manages the administrative functions needed for smooth operation of the FAC. This includes data management, records management, secretarial needs, translation and interpreter services, and information technology functions.

An FAC will remain open until a client requests its closure, usually for a term of 7 to 14 days. The family website will continue along with a Long-Term Care Centre for continued support for family members. Additional services such as a secure family website, where family members can receive timely updates often in multiple languages, or a specialised Long-Term Care Centre, where your staff or a partner like Kenyon provides on-going phone and email support to family members in the long-term, may continue to offer support to family members long after the FAC has closed.

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