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Providing care to victims and their family and friends is the most important factor in your crisis response. Are you providing the right care? A proper response not only makes for a smoother transition through the crisis, but it ensures brand protection after the crisis.

At Kenyon, we hope you will never need our response services, but, when you do, we want you to be ready. Our reality is that most organisations, even with careful planning, will need expert help and extensive resources to manage the consequences of a disaster.

Kenyon has three global warehouses with carefully curated specialty equipment ready for immediate deployment. These kits include ready-made records with internationally recognised standard forms (INTERPOL, U.S. legal documents, etc.) to capture family interview information, everything needed for prayer and meditation rooms for major world faiths and spiritual support, toys and games for childcare rooms.

Kenyon maintains a roster of highly skilled responders such as Special Assistance Team Members to assist those directly affected, Mental Health providers, childcare workers, forensic specialists, search and recovery experts, funeral directors, law enforcement experts and much more.

In addition to the equipment and personnel, Kenyon also offers tailored training and consultancy programmes to prepare you long before an incident ever occurs.

We have carefully developed our Services, Team Member network, equipment kits and training programmes to be ready when you call. Learn more about the services we provide by clicking the links below.