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September 2020 Team Member Newsletter Excerpt

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Below is an excerpt from the latest Team Member Newsletter. Click Here to download the full issue. 

What Does Kenyon Stand For? 

By: Otibho Edeke-Agbareh, Humanitarian Services Manager

We live in a globalised world, which means we are closer to people from different cultures, races and backgrounds than ever before. This should be cause for celebration and a global consensus to be respectful of one another. Too often we have seen discrimination, persecution and wars fought all in the name of a perceived otherness of another group of people. The last few months, however, have given us a global social uprising few have seen before. For anyone who has ever been discriminated against because of who they are or because they possessed certain characteristics, such as their race, this was validation that the status quo would no longer be acceptable. For many people within the black and brown community, this uprising was not a surprise. It was rather further confirmation that the marginalisation and oppression of people of colour based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy would no longer be normalised.

What has been so encouraging is that whole world seemed to wake up and support the notion that all people are born equal under the sun. That one’s ability to navigate through life should not and must not be propagated simply by the colour of their skin. Socially, it is fair to say that we are hopefully seeing the dismantling of racism. From it being a problem that must be solved solely by black/brown communities or those from marginalised groups, to an issue that is every human beings’ problem to solve together, as silence on this topic is only an omission of complicity.

Where does Kenyon stand on racism?

So, on the topic of racism, where does a company that has been established for 114 years stand on this? The answer is weaved into every single one of our deployments. Kenyon has answered the call for help no matter where it has come from in the world. We have responded to hundreds of major incidents, such as the EgyptAir 990 crash in 1999, the 1941 WWII repatriation of 100 people in response to wartime losses, the Munich Air disaster of 1958, the Nigerian Airways Flight 825 crash in 1969, the attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001 and the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, just to name a few. All of these incidents required Kenyon to work and assist clients, families and survivors from a full range of background, races, cultures and beliefs... 

Download the full edition of the Team Member Newsletter to read the complete "What Does Kenyon Stand For?" article, as well as a word from our Team Member Manager, Kathy Ricker, sage advice from Director, Crisis Communications Donald Steel and more.  

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