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June 2021 Team Member Newsletter Excerpt

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Below is an excerpt from the latest Team Member Newsletter. Click Here to download the full issue. 

A Word from Team Member Management 

I hope this newsletter finds you in good health!

In this edition, I would like to address some of the most common inquiries that I get from Team Members.

Deployments: As most of you know, during your interview I emphasise that, even if you have not deployed, you are still important to Kenyon and our operations. I often hear from Team Members that they are discouraged because they have not deployed. I certainly understand those feelings because I know in your heart you are anxious to get your boots on the ground and help those who have just suffered a significant loss.

Please take this as a gentle reminder that response is not our primary objective. If Kenyon is activated, that means there has been a large loss of life. Please do not be discouraged. Take advantage of the training and webinars when they are offered. Read the newsletter to stay informed of the happenings at Kenyon. In other words, stay engaged! It is not a matter of if but rather a matter of when an incident will happen. The more you are engaged with Kenyon the better prepared you will be when the time comes and you are called upon to deploy.

Training Opportunities: The operations team has been working diligently on creating new training material. You will read more about the specifics in the operations update. All this new training material will result in more topics related to crisis management that will become available to Team Members. We are testing the new KOLC at the present time and will release it as soon as possible. We would much rather train you than deploy you...

Download the full edition of the Team Member Newsletter to read the complete "A Word from Team Member Management" article, as well as an update from our Senior Director, Operations, Ultan Kenny and more.  

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