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June 2020 Team Member Newsletter Excerpt

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Below is an excerpt from the latest Team Member Newsletter. Click Here to download the full issue. 

Kenyon Heroes

Dedicated to all Team Members who devoted themselves to the support of the COVID-19 response.

Frontline workers faced the pandemic in the utmost difficult conditions and unexpected realities. Many Kenyon Team Members, their spouses, friends and coworkers are medical personnel that worked tirelessly treating the sick. The world views healthcare workers as heroes and rightfully so.

Behind the scenes, however, are another set of heroes; those taking care of the deceased. The behind the line Kenyon heroes worked tirelessly in overwhelming and difficult conditions, managing the decedents. These amazing men and women left the safety of their homes to support operations that had a risk without remedy. Several Team Members mentioned that going to New York City was like “going back to Ground Zero.” The challenges they faced were as epic as those during 9/11.

Other Team Members reported they were supporting the pandemic by distributing food, supplying educational material to children out of school, making masks and protecting the vulnerable.

The overall spirit of our amazing Team Members is their personal yearning to want to “help” with COVID-19.

The Kenyon Heroes who participated in these historic operations have earned our highest level of respect and appreciation! Thank you for a job well done!

Download the full Team Member Newsletter for the complete Kenyon Heroes article, including photos of the Team Members who deployed.

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