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December 2020 Kenyon Journal Excerpt

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Below is an excerpt from the latest Kenyon Journal. Click Here to download the full issue. 

When Risk Becomes Reality 

By: Victoria Hardwidge, Account Manager

Human nature in the face of tragedy

When the RMS Titanic slipped beneath the waves in 1912, when the planes hit the Twin Towers in 2001, when the nations ringing the Indian Ocean were submerged on Boxing Day 2004, the world’s first responders sprang from their beds into action and, contrary to natural instincts, towards the incident scene.

And, as far as I know, no one was there to hinder or inhibit the response; they were there at the outset to help in any small way that they could… they were there as well much further down the line. Their responses captured the desire to assist the nations and communities so affected, to weather the ensuing emotional storm and to begin the healing process.

As the world’s largest disaster management and response company, Kenyon is in the business of managing mass fatalities. We are called on whenever the worst happens… when what keeps Emergency Managers up at night is suddenly forced upon them at four in the morning on a Holiday (disasters are rarely convenient).

Every company with a duty of care knows that an incident involving those in their charge will happen, they just don’t know when. They will be involved in every aspect of that response, from identification and repatriation of human remains to setting up and running family assistance. They will almost certainly have help, but this help stops at the end of the varying jurisdictions, when agendas are fulfilled and ‘business as usual’ needs to be resumed.

To manage incidents effectively, companies spend thousands to meticulously plan every aspect of their response, from the first hours to much further down the line. But for the family and friends of those who are lost, there is no handbook, no instructions or guidance on dealing with the aftermath. A successful response gives the families a chance to adjust to their ‘new normal’; equally, a poor response means they will likely weather the tragedy alone...


Download the full edition of the Kenyon Journal to read the complete "When Risk Becomes Reality" article, as well as a message from our Managing Director Conor Prendergast and more.  

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