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December 2019 Team Member Newsletter Excerpt

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Below is an excerpt from the latest Team Member Newsletter. Click here to download the full issue. 

A Word from Team Member Management

Hello Team Members,

As usual, it has been a very busy year at Kenyon! I am happy to report that our state of readiness is at the highest level it’s ever been.

This year we focussed on our infrastructure and improving our activation processes. Our goal was to be able to mobilise our equipment and Teams at the most optimal level of efficiency. The Bracknell staff had the privilege of attending a 90-hour intensive training conducted by Kenyon Chairman Robert A. Jensen, focussing on activation readiness, incident management and family assistance. The training far exceeded the need for just checklists and drilled down to the practical details of incident management. The staff in Houston are scheduled to receive the same training in February 2020.

Team Member enrolment is exceeding previous years’ levels even after raising the qualification standards. This is a true indicator of the noteworthy professionals that are registered Team Members!

On a personal note: I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for being the Team Member Manager.

My job generally consists of talking to talented individuals from all over the world. Often times, when the interview is over, I sit there in awe of the remarkable person I just had the privilege of speaking to!

Since we launched the online registration portal, I have successfully on-boarded 920 individuals. In other words, I have experienced 920 new moments of awe. I have spoken to Team Members who have lent assistance to refugees, from leading them out of war-torn countries to helping them acclimatise to a new country. I have spoken to forensics specialists who have notified families that they were able to positively identify their loved one who was buried in a mass grave for 30 years.

I have spoken to nurses who have mended the injured in mobile surgical units while under fire. Others have helped to build housing, bathrooms and medical facilities for tribes in Africa. A young female Team Member sailed from mainland USA to the Hawaiian Islands to raise money for charity. I even spoke to a gentleman who shook the hand of Queen Elizabeth and another who was an extra in the Outlander series. One of the most remarkable conversations I had was with a woman who, when challenged with questions about her ability to perform well under intense pressure, replied she could handle anything because she raised seven children. She was right: she has since deployed and has handled the stressful situations with confidence!

I am also awed by the loyalty and dedication of our legacy Team Members. It never ceases to amaze me when I talk to someone who has been with Kenyon for 10, 15 or 20+ years! After so much time, they are still passionate and committed to Kenyon.

Kenyon today is, and will remain, the world leader in crisis management. We are constantly evolving, learning and growing. We will never stop improving our internal processes. However, at the time of activation, it is the Team Members we rely on for successful operations. As most of you know, response is NOT our objective. Readiness to respond is. You are the response team. So whether you have deployed or not does not matter: what matters is that you are ready, willing and able. You are important!

Wishing you the best this holiday season and a quiet New Year!

Warmest Regards,

Kathy Ricker

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