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Asiana Flight 214 Wreckage

Asiana Fined by US Department of Transportation

Eight months after Asiana Flight 214 crashed, the US Department of Transportation levied a $500,000 fine against the airline for violations of the Foreign Air Carriers Family Assistance Act (Enacted in 1997).  This is the first time the DOT has levied fines for violation of

Dear CEO…A new column in Kenyon’s Client Newsletter

In our upcoming quarterly client newsletter, I’ve written a new feature called “Dear CEO…” with thoughts specifically for the CEOs of our clients. I’ve included the first Dear CEO installment below. The CEO has a very important and visible role in a response, but for

The 12 Principles of Crisis Management

A key component of crisis management in loss of life incidents is coordination and knowing the big picture.  Having the ability to step back and take a look at the overall process and goals are key traits of good leaders and incident coordination teams.   Seeing

JLT Plane Talking

Punitive Damages in Aviation Accidents

A good article in the August issue of JLT’s (Broker) Plane Talking on “Beware the Peril of Punitive Damages.”  Michael McGrory discusses the difference between compensatory damages and punitive damages.  He writes that in aviation cases punitive damages are rare and therefore many insurers and

My thoughts on Crisis Leadership – what are yours?

  CEO’s are leaders, and leaders should provide leadership during a crisis.  So why don’t they?  CEO’s, what holds you back and stops you from taking charge?  What keeps you from moving your organization beyond the event? In a crisis a leader has 5 groups

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