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Team Member Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I be a Kenyon Team Member?

As a Team Member, you have the opportunity to participate in some of the most difficult and rewarding experiences of a lifetime. Responding to a crisis, assisting others during a time of great hardship and being a part of a well-planned disaster recovery event; however, the opportunity to use your skills and experience during a critical time can be personally and professionally rewarding. Team Members report a great sense of achievement and pride knowing they have contributed to the professional, successful response with the best possible outcome for those affected, considering the tragic circumstances.


How many incidents happen per year?

We cannot predict when or where the next incident will happen, but we do know sadly that there will be another incident sometime, somewhere. Occasionally, we have months with no active operations and frequently we are working multiple operations simultaneously.


Does Kenyon provide training?

On occasion we will host training sessions at our Bracknell or Houston office. When a training event is planned, you will receive a notification and the opportunity to register. All registered Team Members have access to the Kenyon Online Learning Centre. This programme will allow Team Members to take courses directly related to key Team Member functions used during incidents as well as overall mass fatality management principles.


Does Kenyon respond to natural disasters?

Yes, Kenyon can respond to natural disasters. Kenyon is equipped, prepared and able to handle any form of disaster. Even though we have responded to numerous aviation incidents, we have also responded to natural disasters, terrorist attacks and other transportation losses.


Can I still work for other non-governmental organisations or does Kenyon consider that a conflict of interest?

Yes, you can. Kenyon does not consider non-profit volunteer agencies or government entities as competitors. We have many Team Members that often deploy with Kenyon that come from government agencies, local emergency service authorities and NGOs.



How often will I be deployed?

Operations require different Team Member skills and expertise, so it is not possible to specify how often each Team Member will be deployed. Once Kenyon First Responders arrive to the Incident Management Centre, a needs assessment is finalised and Team Members are called based on their skills, experience and qualification. The more details we have in your Team Member profile, including specifying which functional areas you are available to assist within, the higher likelihood you will be called upon. Another consideration is geography - Team Members with the skills and qualifications closest to the operation are called upon first and more frequently.


How long are the deployments?

A typical deployment is two to three weeks long. If you wish, you may elect to rotate back through deployment once you’ve had time to take a break at home.


Does Kenyon pay for travel and expenses?

Yes, Kenyon pays for all travel and reimburses all necessary expenses.


Do I have to obtain a visa?

No, you do not need to obtain a visa. If we are deploying to a country that requires travel visas, we will secure it for you.


Does Kenyon provide equipment or do we need to bring our own?

Kenyon has a significant inventory of equipment strategically placed in the UK, USA and Australia. We have pre-packaged kits assembled and ready to ship immediately. Our warehouse operations team ensures that deployment teams are fully equipped and are prepared for the unexpected. We will also advise you of any personal items you may need, such appropriate clothing to bring for working conditions, weather as well as possible memorial events.


If I deploy with Kenyon, can I write a paper on my experience for a school project?

Any and all documents produced as a result of your association and relationship with Kenyon must have approval from our Leadership team. The privacy of those affected by incidents Kenyon responds to is always the priority. Any publication or reference to your work with specific details may be restricted by your contract so that we can honour the wishes of those affected by the tragedy.


Do Team Members have to pay for their own immunisations?

Yes, Team Members are responsible for payment of their own immunisations. If you have any questions on which immunisations are recommended, please refer to your Team Member Handbook.


Does Kenyon provide insurance for Team Members on site?

Yes, you are covered while deployed with Kenyon, onsite and while traveling. If you are injured or otherwise require medical attention while on deployment, notify the Senior Incident Director, Team Lead or Team Member Manager immediately.


Do I need to have a go-bag packed?

No, you do not have to have a go-bag packed. All efforts will be made to provide you with sufficient time to pack, although it may feel a bit rushed! In the meantime, consider items you must take with you, such as medications and other daily necessities so that you do not have to remember them in the haste of preparations.


If I get called-out but cannot deploy, am I still a Team Member?

Yes, we understand you have other commitments. If you are unable to accept a deployment, you are still an active member in good standing and eligible for future operations.

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