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Ultan Kenny, Senior Director, Operations

Ultan Kenny is Kenyon’s Senior Director, Operations, responsible for maintaining the operational readiness of Team Members, equipment, procedures, logistics and the management of incidents. Ultan has worked globally in the aviation industry for 35 years. Initial roles in operations planning for British Airways introduced Ultan to emergency response and contingency planning. Subsequent roles in training and leading large ground operational units at Heathrow extended his experience of crisis and incident management call centres and support units.

As Regional Manager in the Middle East and Pakistan, Ultan developed experience in handling more complex cultural aspects and locational challenges. In his time with Emirates, he held worldwide operational responsibility for Emirates’ 22,000 strong Cabin Crew community and acted as Emergency Call Centre Manager and Incident Command Centre representative. Ultan has led several COVID-19 related incidents and projects spanning India, the UK and USA on behalf of Kenyon.

Ultan Kenny