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Mark Oliver, Vice President, Operations

Mark, known as Mo, joined Kenyon as a Team Member in 2014 before becoming Vice President, Operations in November 2018. Mark is responsible for Kenyon’s field operations and services, training and consultancy, as well as Team Member management. Prior to joining Kenyon, Mark spent 30 years in police service across the United Kingdom as a UK DVI Commander, he became a renowned expert in DVI training and operational responses, delivering training at all levels with police, local authorities, forensic medical practitioners and Coroners. As a Kenyon Team Member, in the roles of family assistance, repatriation and personal effects processing, he has assisted with Kenyon’s response to Germanwings, EgyptAir, Emirates and Grenfell. Since leading Kenyon Operations, he supported Kenyon’s response to several more incidents.

Mark Oliver 2nd Headshot