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The Kenyon Team Member Program

In order to quickly and effectively respond to disasters around the globe, Kenyon maintains a roster of on-call specialists called Team Members. Team Members are contract professionals that support the full-time Kenyon staff for worldwide disaster emergency response, providing specific skills or general support as needed. These remarkable people help Kenyon in every aspect of the company's work, in every location and in any conditions.

Why Become a Team Member?

When you join Kenyon, you join the world leader in emergency response. Your skills and talents are utilized to assist in significant humanitarian efforts. For many of our Team Members, working with us as part of a mass fatality response is the kind of job training that happens once or twice in a career. Team Members are paid competitive daily rates and generally work for two-week deployments. Should you be asked to deploy to a location away from your home, all travel, meals and lodging are provided for. Being a Kenyon Team Member affords the opportunity to work with global teams of professionals all working toward a common goal – to help those affected by the incident move toward what will be their new normal.

Kenyon has identified essential roles and functions that are critical to any event. Take a look at the list of functional areas to see where you might fit. While some functions require a professional license, certification or PhD, most do not. If you have a helpful can-do attitude, flexibility and adaptability, there is a role for you as a Kenyon Team Member. However, the most important skills we look for in our Team Members are compassion and empathy for helping others in distress.

If you have more questions about the Team Member Program please contact the Team Member Manager at: or call +1 281-872-9326.

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New Team Member Registration

The registration process begins with completing the on-line application, and includes a follow-up interview (in-person, phone or video-conference) and verification of your accreditations. Before beginning the on-line application, have your passport, immunization history (if applicable) and your resume/CV available.

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Existing Team Members

If you are a registered Team Member and have a username and password, click here to upload and update your profile information. This link is for registered and contracted Team Members only.

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As always, thank you for being a Team Member.