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Team Member Perspective
By: Miss Stephanie K. Lee

Stephanie K. Lee

During my third year at university, my class and I were fortunate enough to receive an invitation to visit Kenyon’s Bracknell offices. My class and I had a fantastic day visiting Kenyon and the warehouse, as well as meeting the Crisis Management Center (CMC) team and learning about the roles and duties of a Kenyon Team Member.

At the end of our visit, I felt very inspired by the Kenyon experience and wished to join them as a Team Member. Although at that point in time, I did not feel I could deploy at a moment's notice with Kenyon if I was selected, as I was still at university full-time. However, being a final year student, I was busy searching and keen to secure full-time employment.

The recruitment process with Kenyon wasn't complicated or difficult. I applied online via their website and very quickly received a response with a date for a telephone interview. Once I had completed the recruitment process, I was officially registered as a Kenyon Team Member. This meant I was ready to join Kenyon in any crisis response work in the future. It also meant I could add this achievement to my CV, as it highlighted my employability skills.

A few months later, I was delighted to receive a deployment request from Kenyon to work as part of a team in Bracknell processing personal effects (PE) related to the Grenfell Tower fire of June 2017. I was thrilled to accept the three-week deployment due to my availability between finishing my studies and starting post graduate work. As my deployment dates got nearer, everyone was so helpful with the arrangements. It was brilliant to have the Kenyon PE Director contact me a few days before my travel to check that I was still okay with the arrangements and to see whether I had any questions for them regarding the assignment.

Once I arrived at the hotel, I was able to leave a message for the team leader, who rang me immediately on arrival, arranged to meet me and introduce me to the other Team Members. It was clear that other Team Members had previously worked together and therefore knew each other well, but they still made me feel welcome and immediately took me under their wings. All of my worries and concerns about the role vanished as I was teamed up with another new Team Member. We were both mentored by experienced Team Members and subsequently learned the duties and responsibilities of the role in our first deployment week.

The forensic recovery work and processing of personal effects has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me at Kenyon. Especially knowing that through our tasks we were helping and giving new life to personal items that had been through a horrific fire and were now being reunited with their owners who had lost so much during the incident.

I am currently on my second week of deployment and fully settled into the role. I have met and worked with wonderful people, who have become good friends and an extended family to me. Therefore, I strongly recommend others to consider joining Kenyon as I have had a rewarding experience and feel that I have had the opportunity to meet like-minded people, as well as give back to those affected.

I am looking forward to successfully completing my first deployment and taking part in future deployment opportunities with Kenyon International Emergency Services.