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Welcome, Simon Hardern

Simon Hardern

Retired Rear Admiral Simon Hardern has been appointed to the role of Kenyon CEO effective 1 January 2019, at which time Robert A. Jensen will transition from CEO to the active role of Chairman.

Simon joined Kenyon in July 2018, following his retirement from the Royal Navy after 34 years on active service in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. His early years were spent almost exclusively at sea, including periods in the Caribbean supporting the British Overseas Territories with disaster relief operations and sailing across the Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf. Mid-career, he drove 2 warships, deploying with both across the globe focusing on defense diplomacy activities and operational missions and related activities.

Since 2004, Simon has been engaged at the joint service and civilian interface; this included a period of overseeing support to injured military personnel and the families of those killed in action. For much of the past eight years, he has been based in either Belgium or the Netherlands working in high profile appointments in NATO. He is a specialist in the development of strategy, the shaping of coherent policy and the efficient conduct of complex operations. Important for Kenyon, he has a reputation for effective leadership, an energetic spirit, strong planning credentials and the ability to think and act on his feet. Notably, Simon has gained the respect of others by demonstrating integrity, discretion, and a passion for diversity.

“I had the goal of finding a meaningful second career in a dynamic organization with a purpose-driven culture. It is obvious to me that all those associated with Kenyon really do care about delivering an unsurpassed service to help those affected by any type of life-changing incident,” said Simon of his new role. “I look forward to adding value to the company that already has a very clear vision, mission and set of objectives.”

Kenyon’s current CEO, Robert A. Jensen, joined Kenyon in 1998 and has held multiple leadership positions. He has served as CEO since 2003. As Chairman, his focus will be on active incident response, continued improvement of training materials and professional development of staff and Team Members, and supporting clients around the globe.

During Simon’s training period, he will be performing the duties of Vice President, Operations and quickly take on additional leadership roles. As Kenyon is growing, we look forward to announcing further organizational changes to support our mission.