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The Practicalities of Being a Special Assistance Team (SAT) Member

What exactly are the practicalities of being a SAT Member?

Above all else, a SAT Member is there to ensure families receive all necessary information regarding the incident and their loved ones, and that the affected families understand what the information means for them and their lives going forward. A SAT Member is also there to help those families navigate the myriad of processes and technical paperwork that follow an incident. It is the SAT Member’s role to help families develop realistic expectations about what happens next.

The following list is representative of a few of the important issues Kenyon SAT members may have to help affected family members address on deployment:

practicalities of being a Special Assistance Team member

To further explain the circumstances SAT Members may face, Kenyon is hosting a live webinar on 27 September titled “Family Assistance: The Practicalities of Providing SAT Assistance.” The webinar will begin at 1 p.m. (GMT).

The webinar will focus on how to provide care and assistance to families at the Family Assistance Center, at the survivors’ or bereaved families’ homes and at hospitals. This goes beyond the requisite soft skills often associated with a SAT Member, including sharing information that will empower those affected by a crisis with information they need to navigate their own recovery.

Please watch your email for an invitation to register for this private Team Member training.

If you cannot attend live but wish to take advantage of this training opportunity, register for the webinar and a recorded link will be sent for you to view at your convenience.