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Gaining Experience and Learning Opportunities
Brandon D. Jones, President and Chief Operating Officer

Brandon D. Jones

Arguably, the most “exciting” time, as well as enlightening time, for a Team Member is on a real deployment. Kenyon Team Members are passionate individuals – you are the people that are running towards a crisis when many people want to run in the opposite direction or simply ignore the terrible circumstances.

Team Members on deployment can look forward to hands on experience that builds on the skills they already have. We do not teach you how to do your job, however. Taking your skillset into consideration, we pair you with senior Team Members in related fields to assist you in honing your expertise.

We are often asked “Why haven’t I deployed?” or “When is the next deployment?” These are two questions that have no simple answer. Assignments are dependent on a number of variables including location, skill set and number of Team Members required. However, there is still valuable experience to be gained by being a Kenyon Team Member even if you have never deployed.

When you registered to become a Team Member and you were accepted, this was based on your education, experience, skills and your willingness to help others during a crisis. We do not accept just anyone; you had to possess a level of skill and attitude that align with Kenyon’s core values and philosophy. You can be proud that you were accepted into an organization that is known and respected worldwide. Your registration with Kenyon gives you access to exclusive educational material and opportunities, such as live and recorded webinars with leaders in crisis management.

Kenyon online learning center

Additionally, the Kenyon OnLine Learning Center (KOLC) was developed specifically for Kenyon Team Members as a valuable resource to not only prepare you for a deployment with Kenyon, but to share Kenyon’s unique approach to crisis management that may help you in your personal career and ambitions. There are a total of eight learning modules planned, with module four to be released imminently. Modules one through three are required for all Kenyon Team Members, and modules four through eight will be job-based and only required for certain roles, although they will be open to all interested Team Members.

We offer quarterly webinars featuring Kenyon staff and current Team Members who share first hand experience and guidance. Like the KOLC, these are available online and can be viewed at your convenience. And where possible, we try to schedule new Team Members with veteran Kenyons during deployments for maximum learning.

Kenyon’s training philosophy is grounded in providing Team Members with the background and practicalities of a crisis response, the overall understanding of what consequences must be managed. The nuances and requirements of a specific role for each crisis will be trained in-person at the time of deployment.

Kenyon also provides classroom training for Team Members to attend in-person. History has proven, however, that this can be challenging to coordinate considering the global footprint of our Team Members, as well as the considerations of their busy schedules. Kenyon webinars and the online learning center are the primary training tools for the program, and their use is fully encouraged. That said, there will be opportunities to attend classroom training announced in early 2019.

Kenyon Team Members are integral to, indeed the very essence of, our operations and we will continue to offer mutual value to you based on your continued feedback.