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Team Member Webinars

Kenyon webinars

On 12 September 2017, Kenyon broadcasted our first ever Team Member webinar. The event was hosted by Robert A. Jensen. He addressed Kenyon’s involvement in recent events, the Kenyon Online Learning Center (KOLC) outline, the future topics to be released, and answered questions from Team Members.

The next Team Member webinar is scheduled for 4 December 2017 at 6:00 p.m. (GMT). After a brief operational update, the webinar will be the first in a series covering Kenyon’s 12 Principles of Crisis Management with the first being Crisis Management Operations. Following the webinar will be an opportunity for questions and answers. The following 11 principles will be covered in regular webinars.

As always, recorded webinars will be available for Team Members that register for the training session but are unable to attend live.

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