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A Word from Team Member Management

Kathy Ricker

Dear Team Members,

As we come to the end of year, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on what an amazing year it has been! So many new initiatives have come to fruition and have exceeded our expectations.

Want to know more about Kathy?

Team Member membership is at a record high. In 2017, our Team Member base increased 53% over 2016. This tremendous growth is largely due in part to legacy Team Members referring friends. This year we deployed 125+ Team Members in support of the Grenfell Tower fire and the Manchester Arena bombings. I am very pleased to report that 53 of those Team Members are new to Kenyon and this was their first deployment.

We rolled out module one of the Kenyon Online Learning Center. The advanced modules will be rolled out in the coming months.

The Team Member Regional Coordinators have been identified and are being trained. They will make considerable advances in Team Member recruitment, as well as host training events, improve communication and build camaraderie with Team Members in their regions.

The first Team Member webinar has been broadcast. The webinar was presented by our CEO Robert A. Jensen and focused on topics most relevant to Team Members. Robert is a passionate speaker and provides Team Members with educational opportunities in disaster management.

Kenyon Response® was upgraded to a .NET operating platform, a powerful improvement to earlier versions of the proprietary software. With the help of some of our Team Members, the software was tested in a live environment. This was a major accomplishment and a credit to our Director, Call Center Services Janie Moreno and Manager, Call Center Services Jahaira Guzman.

Our client base continues to increase with the aviation industry continuing to be our largest customer sector. However, we have also contracted with companies such as pharmaceuticals, multinational technology firms, tour operators and universities. Our new clients are located all over the world.

It has never been such an exciting time to be a Kenyon Team Member! As 2018 begins, we will continue to improve the Team Member program and gratefully acknowledge your participation.

Happy Holidays!

Warmest Regards

Kathy Ricker
Team Member Manager