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Operational Update

Iwan Witt

Manchester Arena Bombing, May 2017

The Personal Effects (PE) process for Manchester continues with Kenyon teams now having returned all associated PE. Four PE Specialists are deployed to the Bracknell facility, processing the unassociated PE in preparation for the launch of a PE catalog website. The secure online catalog will provide the victims or their loved ones the opportunity to claim any other PE collected from the arena which the authorities were not able to associate with any particular person affected.

Kenyon Team Members at work

London Grenfell Tower, July 2017

Since the last update, the process to remove PE from Grenfell Tower continues with the teams making significant progress in clearing the 45 flats (including the office, gym and nursery) in the tower and 22 flats in Grenfell Walk. It is projected that our Search and Recovery teams will be on site through December with PE processing continuing until the end of the year. In case you missed it, the return of PE has been captured on BBC.

French Helicopter Operator, September 2017

Following the heavy landing of a helicopter, Kenyon was activated to provide mental health support to the pilot and crew. One Team Member deployed for this incident. Fortunately, there were no fatalities.

Ryanair, September 2017

An incident on board a Ryanair flight from Bristol to Ibiza involving a disruptive passenger prompted a Kenyon activation to provide Mental Health phone support to a member of cabin crew who was affected by the incident.

Flybe, November 2017

Following the successful landing of an aircraft with malfunctioning front landing gear, Kenyon provided Mental Health support via deployed SAT Team Members and a Mental Health phone line for further assistance to those affected.