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After the Wrath of Hurricane Harvey

By Kathy Ricker, Team Member Manager

On 26 August, Hurricane Harvey arrived in Houston, Texas, and hovered over the city for five days, leaving over 50 inches of rain. The city streets and hundreds of thousands of homes were lost. The devastation it created was historic. Hurricane Harvey in Houston

One of the advantages of working for an emergency response company is that our leadership team gave us ample time to prepare our homes, cars and gather our hurricane supplies before it hit. I am very grateful to Robert and Brandon for putting our safety first. We were also fortunate in that we are able to work remotely from the safety of our homes and Kenyon was able to maintain full operations and functionality.

Fortunately, none of Kenyon staff or their families were directly affected. However, our office did not fare so well and sustained flooding of about a foot of water. Repair efforts are underway.

On behalf of all of Kenyon’s Houston staff, I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to every Team Member who contacted me to express concern for our wellbeing during and after Hurricane Harvey. We were touched by everyone’s concern.

Hurricane Harvey in Houston

Dominican Republic

An Update on the Dominican Republic

As two major hurricanes passed our call center facility, we prepared for the potential closure of the building and maintained a transition plan to an alternate call center that was not affected by the severe weather. With the recent upgrade of our Kenyon Response® software, the ability to transfer the scripted call center agent module is much more seamless and efficient. We were fortunate, however, that throughout both hurricanes we were able to maintain a dedicated team at the call center to handle any call center activations.

Global Community

A Note from Kenyon

Following the hurricanes (Harvey, Irma and Maria), the wildfires in the US and the devastating global earthquakes, we wanted to take a moment to express our hope that those of you involved are safe.

Our thoughts are with you as we all come together to aid in the rebuilding