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Kenyon Online Learning Center

Rollout Process and Tips

It is with great pleasure that we can now share with you the rollout process for the long awaited Kenyon Online Learning Center (KOLC).

Kenyon has partnered with Remote Group to bring you this innovative e-learning experience. Remote Group uses the latest in software and platforms to customize Kenyon material into a comprehensive learning management system. Remote Group will support the KOLC by administering the registration processes and track the results.

First Step
Reply to the invitation from Kenyon ( to enroll via email. The subject line will state: Invitation to Enroll in Kenyon Online Learning Center.

We will begin sending out the enrollment invitations on 5 June 2017. Due to the overwhelming response we are expecting, the invitations will be sent out in increments based on global regions. It could take 30 days for you to get your invitation. Included in this invitation will be a link to a training video that will explain the KOLC and how to maneuver through the screens.

Within 7 days of your response to the email, indicating you would like to enroll, you will receive an email from “Remote Group Ltd” and the subject line will state: Welcome to the Kenyon Online Learning Center.

Second Step
Follow the instructions and reset your password in the system. Your username will be your email address. After you set your password and log into the learning center you will receive another email from Remote Group with the subject line: Congratulations, you have been enrolled in Module One: Kenyon Orientation.

Third Step
Find a quiet room with good Wi-Fi and settle in to focus on this fascinating course material.

What to Expect

Module One includes five separate courses and a few quizzes to test your knowledge.

Once you have completed the first module, you will receive notification via email that you have successfully completed the courses. The subject line will state: Congratulations from Kenyon!

When you are logged into the learning center, you will be able to print your completed course transcript. The transcript will display pass/fail for each course. From your dashboard, you will also have access to the resource center, where you can find our mass fatality incident organizational charts, a list of common acronyms and other useful information.

After you have completed the coursework, your Team Member profile will be updated with the course designations and will become part of your training record.

Once you have successfully updated your password and logged into the KOLC, you will have 30 days to complete the 5 courses that make up Module One: Kenyon Orientation. If your account has been inactive for more than 30 days it will be deactivated. However, if you need more time, simply email Team Member Management and we can reactivate your account.

If you experience technical difficulties, please contact Remote Group directly using the contact details in the enrollment and welcome email notifications.. If you experience difficulty with the course material, refer to the resource center or feel free to contact Team Member Management.

Module 1: Kenyon Orientation

  1. 1. Why a Kenyon
  2. 2. About Kenyon
  3. 3. What to Expect as a Kenyon Team Member
  4. 4. Mass Fatality Management
  5. 5. Health and safety

Module 2: Kenyon Services

  1. 1. Disaster Response Services (DRS)
  2. 2. Disaster Human Services (DHS)
  3. 3. Kenyon International Call Center (KICC)
  4. 4. Crisis Communications
  5. 5. Media Call Center (MCC)
  6. 6. Crisis Line
  7. 7. Government At-Need Services
  8. 8. Overview and How Kenyon Services Work Together

Module 3: Working in a Crisis

  1. 1. Human Dynamics in a Crisis - Communication, Family Relationships and Client Response
  2. 2. Religious and Cultural Sensitively
  3. 3. Family Survivor Wants and Needs
  4. 4. Family Assistance Legislation and Guidance

Module 4: Disaster Human Services

  1. 1. What is a Family Assistance Center
  2. 2. What is the Role of a Special Assistance Team Member
  3. 3. Special Assistance Team First Actions
  4. 4. Family Website
  5. 5. Compensation Overview
  6. 6. Aviation Accident Investigation Overview

Module 5: Coordination of DRS and DHS Functions

  1. 1. Conducting Ante-Mortem Interviews
  2. 2. Data Management
  3. 3. Personal Effects Overview
  4. 4. Understanding DNA in Human Remains Identification

Module 6: Disaster Recovery Services

  1. 1. Morgue Triage
  2. 2. Morgue Operations
  3. 3. Human Remains Release Procedures
  4. 4. Identification Process and Problems
  5. 5. Repatriation Process
  6. 6. Personal Effects

Module 7: Crisis Communications in a Mass Fatality

  1. 1. Crisis Communications Overview

Module 8: Operational Management

  1. 1. Crisis Management Center
  2. 2. Incident Management Center

We will be releasing Module 2 through Module 8 throughout the rest of the year.

Not all modules will relate directly to your skills or role in an incident response; however, some of the modules are relative to specific Team Member roles. You are encouraged to take all modules to understand the full scope of Kenyon’s approach to mass fatality management. This material has been developed internally, based on our experience and we hope it not only helps you as a Kenyon Team Member but also in your daily jobs.

We are very proud of the KOLC. It is innovative, cutting edge and the material cannot be found in any other reference book or emergency response plan.