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Grenfell Tower

Grenfell Tower Personal Effects processing in Kenyon's Bracknell UK warehouse
Grenfell Tower Personal Effects processing in Kenyon's UK warehouse

On 14 June 2017, Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, West London, caught fire which quickly destroyed the 129 flat building. Tragically, there were 71 fatalities and 229 injuries. Miraculously, 223 escaped. More than 250 firefighters, 70 fire engines, the London ambulance service and London’s air ambulance were involved with the rescue operations.

Every agency involved with this operation faced many challenges. Further complicating those challenges were the accompanying elevated emotions of fear, betrayal and loss.

From the first responders that arrived to rescue victims to the forensic teams who worked diligently to identify the deceased, including the British Red Cross for their service to the survivors, Kenyon acknowledges the bravery and sacrifices of all the men and women that were involved with this horrific event. More importantly, we are humbled by the efforts and sacrifices demonstrated to help those most affected by the tragedy.

To date, over 200 Kenyon Team Members have deployed. The result of this deployment, the strenuous work, long hours and emotion is that residents or families of those that did not survive are getting their belongings or the belongings of their loved ones back. They are getting more than just material items back, however. For many, the special memories collected over a lifetime are also coming back, either because Kenyon has made the recovery and return of the property or the police have recovered property, which Kenyon then cleaned, restored and returned. In total this is close to over 750,000 individual items, from almost all of the 129 flats. Among the items recovered were even some pet fish that were discovered to still be alive!

Kenyon is very grateful to every Team Member that assisted with this incident and amazed by the passion and camaraderie of our Team Members. We know we had some struggles but you persevered and in the end we are so proud of the spirit projected from this remarkable group of men and women that are the Kenyon Team Members! As the operation now is focused on the return of property, we look forward to wrapping up the incident over the next quarter.

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