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Operational Update

shooting at youtube headquarters

United States, April 2018
The Kenyon International Call Center (KICC) was activated by Google in response to a shooting attack at the YouTube campus in San Bruno, California. There were five casualties reported and one fatality, the shooter. The KICC, opened for one day, deployed an initial response of 50 inbound agents, five data management agents, one project coordinator, one team manager and one floor supervisor.

Kenyon Team Member cleaning personal effects from Grenfell Tower

London Grenfell Tower Fire, July 2017:
The processing and return of personal effects from properties at Grenfell Tower is ongoing, with 18 Team Members working in the Bracknell warehouse and one Team Member in the Crisis Management Center. We are continuing to meet with residents, families of the deceased, family liaison officers and key workers to establish which belongings they would like back so we can clean, restore (where possible) and return them. Residents from 67 Flats in the Tower have collected their belongings. In total, 122,000 items have been returned to residents. We expect this will continue through the end of August.

Grenfell: Unpacking our old life
Nearly a year after the fire, BBC’s Newsnight meets with Grenfell residents Andreia Perestrelo and Marcio Gomes as they unpack the boxes of personal effects they received from Kenyon. Click here to watch the video.

Germanwings 4U9525, March 2015:
At the request of Lufthansa, the online personal effects catalog was reopened for a family to review for a period of two weeks.

Pike River Mine Explosion, November 2010:
In April 2018, Kenyon Operations Specialist Iwan Witt accompanied Kenyon Associate Mark Edwards to Greymouth, New Zealand, to be part of an expert panel set up by Pike River Recovery Agency. The panel was created to develop a conceptual recovery plan of the 2.4km drift access tunnel of the mine. On 19 November 2010, 29 miners and contractors lost their lives when the Pike River Mine exploded following a buildup of methane within the mine.

Kenyon was chosen by the Pike Recover Agency to help facilitate the discussions as well as provide expert advice and guidance regarding the physical recovery process of both remains and personal effects. Kenyon’s focus during facilitation is to ensure that the affected families are receiving clear communication regarding all phases of the discussions undertaken by the panel. By the end of the week, a conceptual re-entry plan was agreed upon, in principle, with all the relevant parties including the families reference group, geotechnical engineers, ventilation specialists, and more.