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A Word from the Crisis Management Center

David Sutcliffe

We sat down with David Sutcliffe (pictured), a Kenyon Team Member since October 2013 and regular CMC Specialist, as he answers frequently asked questions from Team Members during recent activations.

Q: I've been asked to provide dates of availability to deploy but have not been confirmed as needed. Why is this?

A: We sometimes reach out to Team Members as a proactive measure to prepare for eventualities that may or may not happen. As soon as we know our definite requirements, we will always follow-up with you.

Q: I was sent confirmed dates for a deployment and made some personal plans and travel bookings to fit in with the arrangements. However, I have since been "stood down." This is rather inconvenient now that I have made my plans. Can you comment please?

A: Our requirements sometimes change during activation for contractual or operational reasons. When this happens, we always advise affected Team Members as soon as possible. We appreciate Team Members' flexibility and we remind people not to make financial, or other, commitments, in order to retain this flexibility.

Q: I have had my deployment confirmed and have been sent a hotel confirmation. Why have I been booked into a different hotel from usual?

A: We always try to maintain consistency with our hotel bookings, but we have to be flexible sometimes, especially during high-occupancy periods or when booking on short notice. We appreciate Team Members' flexibility with this.

Q: I have enjoyed several deployment rotations on this incident and have advised the CMC that I am available for further dates; however, I have been advised that I am not required again, despite the fact that I understand you are still recruiting. Why is this?

A: As part of our commitment to building an experienced skills base for our clients, we try to maintain a healthy mix of new recruits to work alongside experienced Team Members. We are grateful to experienced Team Members for their continued commitment, and we encourage new Team Members to learn from this experience.

Q: The working hours on this incident are different from previous incidents. Why is this?

A: The contractual arrangements and operational requirements vary from one incident to another and can sometimes change as an activation proceeds.

Q: I registered as a Team Member some time ago but have not been contacted for many months/years. Why is this?

A: It may be that we do not have your latest contact details, or the skills you can offer do not match with what we have been seeking in recent deployments. Please take a moment to log on to your Team Member profile and confirm your details are accurate. If you need help with this, please contact